Guang Ci Tang®
Top selling Chinese medicine in USA
Pure. Potent. Proven.
Extremely effective!
This works amazing for kidney yang deficiency symptoms. I also feel it nourishes kidney yin at the same time as it says in the description, and allows kidney yang to burn. Helps with feeling cold, low libido, lethargy, copious pale urination.
Jack11 from Portland, OR
Food coma pill
When you have food coma, this is your friend. When you’ve eaten too much and are full of regret, literally and figuratively, this is your friend. When you feel like that food is just sitting in your stomach and not going down, this is your friend.
Jay from New York
Enjoying Relief
I've been using Stasis Clear for a few weeks, and have already been feeling better and my use of aspirin like products dramatically reduced. My body feels less congested and inflamed.
Leika from New Jersey
Great help!
my friend, who suffered the stroke recently, is only 35, so it was devastating to see him loose his speech and movement in his arm. After taking Strocontrol for only a few weeks, he feels much better and both, the speech and movement are coming back.
Lenka from Destin, FL
Pleasantly surprised by the obvious quality
I was pleased to see that after a little over a week, I saw the changes I was looking for both subjectively (a general increase in energy, digestive functions, and others) and objectively, in my pulses and tongue (Chinese diagnostic indicators).
Dr Steve from Boston, MA
Cleared up "strangling" sensation at night
At night, when lying down, I felt a strangling sensation from so much phlegm in my throat. My doctor gave me Mucusolve. I take 7 pills 2x per day. After the first dose I felt a lot of relief.
Jeriwho from Raleigh, NC
Bloat Be Gone
I ordered this for my daughter. She was having trouble with Fullness in her stomach & having difficulty with bowels. She started taking it and has noticed the relief.
Aida from Texas
I fell down to the floor and I got bruises on my ribs. I went to the doctor and x-ray showed no Fracture but my ribs were very bruised. I ordered the bruise mender. It helped and bruised on my ribs were gone about in two weeks.
Kathrie from La Grange, KY
Wonderful product!
This is a wonderful product. It seems to keep me calm and relaxed and definitely helped to normalize my pressure. Another benefit was that it decreased the redness on my tongue.
Sb32 from Florida
Immune strength plus more
I’m glad my alternative doctor advised me to take this product during this past year. I know it has helped me stay healthy.
ShontaSamere from Florida
Works Good For Me
The formula...helps support my body's efforts to manage various types of "heat" signs. It's my first choice if I get a tickle in my throat or the typical signs of seasonal respiratory challenges.
OlyGary from Washington State
A future life of beautiful Skin
This product is a real cure from Acne, not only I have not have one single pimple in many months, but I notice how soft my skin feels and how smaller my pores look
Great fluid remover
I purchased this product to deal with fluid buildup in my knees, ankles and feet. I take a maximum suggested dose a day. 5 pills three times a day. I am experiencing relief of the swelling and joint pain after a week.
Shadow from California
Works very well
Bought this product to help with cold feet and hands due to poor circulation. works very well.
Andy1952 from Kamloops Canada
Your bi min gan wan works so well
Your bi min gan wan works so well that it stops my symptoms like sneezing, running nose almost immediately. It is so much better than other brands and other expensive medicine my doctor gave me.
Christine N from Washington
Great benefits
I bought this for weight control. Haven't seen much change in that area. To my surprise! It has really cleared up skin, regulated my bowels, which has given me energy.
Kajia from Omaha, NE
The title is a good choice for the product.
it has done a great job of eliminating the relatively small amount of fluid retention that I was experiencing. I was waking up with puffy eyes and after taking this product for several days, I found that most of the puffiness under my eyes is gone.
Vonnie from Oracle, Arizona
Rapid and Significant Results
Prior to taken LiverSmoothe I was taking various over the counter antacids several times a day and even awoke at night due to discomfort to take an antacid. I have not taken any in two weeks now and do not wake up with acid indigestion.
Slpheidi from Ohio
The great feeling that I looked for
have used this few years ago and was very very happy. I found this product to be very effective and very helpful for my overall mood. So when I felt I needed it again, I went online and was happy to find it again. The prices and the service were great.
Limlim, Los Angeles, CA
This formula helps!
Whenever I feel the Liver Qi Stagnation coming on (frustrated, stiff neck, negative outlook on life, tense) I take the recommended dose on the bottle and within a few hours I am feeling much more relaxed. By the next day I'm feeling normal again.
BBrownOrg from Amherst, WI
Really helps!
I purchased this for gastric upset/loose stools/chills. This product helped me feel better in one day! The loose stools returned to normal--and the chills subsided. I definitely recommed this product.
Snake from New York
Spleen strengthener
If you are struggling with poor digestion and edema especially around the midsection, this may help. I’ve noticed much digestive improvement after taking these.
Jay from New York
The Perfect Solution For My Frozen Shoulder
I have had a very painful "frozen" shoulder and left arm for almost 4 months now ... I received relief from this product within 2 days by taking twice daily. Every day I have further improvement and mobility.
Robert58 from Seattle, WA
Diminishing PMS
My 21 year old daughter began to use LadiesTonic right after she ended her last cycle. By the time her next cycle came, she noticed she was feeling so much better prior to her period and during the first two days.
Lourdes from San Jose, CA
Excellent product
I bought this product to help with Candida. A few days after talking it, I felt relief and experienced more energy and rejuvenated. My husband also felt better.
Lilies from Florida
Takes care of several issues!
I keep this in my arsenal for stomach issues-----occasional nausea/loose stool/lack of appetite/and a full or hard feeling when I press on my belly. This formulation has helped a lot.
DeeDee from Florida
Awakens vital energies
I have been using this product for the past 2 years. It has revived vital energies and boosted romantic endurance. This is a far better option for men than a rx medication. No negative side effects and started working after one month.
Ronin from Bay Area, CA
Just What I Needed
I spent a lot of time laying down on the couch watching tv feeling exhausted...I take the recommended 5 tabs but only 2 times per day. I have had a surge of energy that is wonderful! I feel so much better that I joined an exercise class.
Mary from Cincinnati, OH
Very Effective for PreMenopausal/Estrogenic
In my late 40s now, I've struggled w/ menstrual irregularity for decades, and thought the Bio-Id Progesterone was something I'd have to take indefinitely... WarmMenses has been so effective for me transitioning from the BioIdenticals.
THWatson from Metro Atlanta
Waking up HARD is good!
After using Youngain, I noticed that I was waking up with what many of us men call "morning wood," which is a great thing! This was the proof that Youngain was definitely at work!
Mr T from Los Angeles, CA
What is it?

Guang Ci Tang®(广慈堂) has been a leading US brand of Chinese medicine since the 1990s. Guang Ci Tang® Chinese medicine products are 5X concentrated, more than double the strength of similar products from other leading brands. Guang Ci Tang® Chinese medicine is guaranteed to be the best of its kind in terms of strength, purity, safety, and affordability. Each product has been carefully produced in a cGMP-certified facility and fully tested for safety before it reaches our customers.

Superiority of Guang Ci Tang products starts with their formulations. As anyone who is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine may tell, a right combination of herbs is crucial to the success in practicing Chinese medicine. Often than not, products bearing the same name have different formulations both in terms of the variety of Chinese herbs and the dose of each single herb. Guang Ci Tang has experts who are masters of both Chinese medicine literature and Chinese medicine practices. Many formulas Guang Ci Tang develops have their own uniqueness that may maximize their efficacy.


Chinese herbal formulas play a central role in the theory and practices of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Many formulas were invented one thousand years ago and remain widely used today as an integral part of China's national healthcare system. These classics are truly time-tested for safety and effectiveness. We are proud to inherit these treasures and feel honored to share them with you.

As our society faces many modern health challenges, Chinese medicine is constantly evolving to combat them. Our team of scientists and TCM doctors stay abreast of the newest research and breakthroughs in both TCM and modern biosciences. Then we incorporate that newfound knowledge into the development of our signature formulas that address many contemporary health issues. Guang Ci Tang currently offers over 100 Chinese herbal formulas.


To meet our strict quality standards, Guang Ci Tang® products are manufactured in collaboration with some of the largest and best pharmaceutical companies in China, in state-of-the-art cGMP certified facilities. Only premium quality Chinese herbs are used. The botanical identity of each herb is verified by our expert professional staff based on the accepted standards set forth in the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to ensure authenticity, quality, potency, and safety. Furthermore, many Chinese herbs must be processed in highly specific ways to achieve the desired medicinal properties or to eliminate toxicity. At ActiveHerb, we take care to perform these preparations in accordance with the TCM tradition.

In order to produce Guang Ci Tang® tablets, herbs are first thoroughly cleaned, then mixed together and extracted in water in a steel extraction tank. This process follows the ancient practice of decocting Chinese herbs in a pot, but allows precise control over the extracting temperature and time. The modern extraction process reproduces the traditional method to recover active ingredients, but has been shown to yield a superior degree of potency. Essential oils, which typically evaporate from the herbs during heating, are automatically recovered through the extraction process. After extraction, herb residues are discarded while the extraction liquid is recovered and pumped into a condenser. Here, the remaining water is evaporated, leaving a highly concentrated paste. This paste is turned into tablets or teapills by adding a small amount of dry powdered herbs from the original herbal formula. In this way, we avoid the use of unnecessary binders and ensure the purity of our products.

The state-of-the-art quality control center. Extensive laboratory testing is done here to ensure compliance and quality.

A manufacturing room is seen from the hallway and is equipped with advanced instruments. In order to access the manufacturing rooms, one must change into another sterile coat and shoes before entering.

The entire cGMP facility is a completely clean environment. In order to access to the entry hallway, one must wear a sterile coat and shoes. The manufacturing rooms are located along both sides of the entrance hallway.

5:1 Concentration

The standard PRC Pharmacopoeia procedure for producing concentrated Chinese herbal pills is based on a concentration of 2:1, meaning that 2g of raw herbs will yield 1g of finished pills. These pills weigh about 180mg each. Each dose requires 8 pills, which weighs 1.44g total and is equal to 3g of raw herbs.

Guang Ci Tang® strives to be the most potent and effective Chinese medicine available. We developed proprietary extraction and concentration technology that allows us to make our tablets and pills at a final concentration of 5:1, meaning 1 gram of tablets or pills is equal to 5 grams of raw herbs. As each Guang Ci Tang® tablet or pill weighs 200mg, each pill is equal to 1 gram of raw herbs. This is the highest concentration available for Chinese medicine pills and tablets, and is more than double the concentration of standard pills from other leading brands of Chinese medicine. As a result, patients are able to reduce the number of pills required per dose by half to achieve the same powerful effect.

Tablets vs Pills

Traditionally, Chinese herbal formulas are served in liquid (Tang) after being cooked in water. The pill form (Wan) was developed when the Chinese pharmaceutical industry started to produce traditional Chinese herbal formulas at higher volumes. Pills are now produced by every TCM manufacturer. While Guang Ci Tang® also produces round pills, our flat tablets (Pian) truly exemplify our commitment to excellence and innovation, and set us apart from the rest. Guang Ci Tang® tablets are uniquely made with proprietary technology that requires little use of a binding agent. Tablets made by other Chinese medicine brands frequently include large amounts (up to 50% in some cases) of inert ingredients, such as magnesium stearate, which are mixed with the herbal extract. Guang Ci Tang® tablets are more expensive to make but they have the advantage of being easily absorbed by the body. Moreover, our tablets may also be administered as a tea after being dissolved in water, or may be given as a powder after being crushed.

1 tablet = 1 gram of raw herbs

1 teapill = 1 gram of raw herbs

Quality Assurance

We at ActiveHerb know how hard it is to build a brand and reputation. We take every measure to make sure Guang Ci Tang® Chinese medicine is of the highest quality and purity. Our manufacturers are among the most reputable and technologically advanced suppliers in China today. Our facilities are cGMP-certified for pharmaceutical products, which hold much higher standards than the GMP-certified facilities for dietary supplements commonly seen in the USA. Our proprietary technology results in products with the highest possible extraction ratio, and we never add any pharmaceuticals, dyes or sugar. Little binding agents are added, so you never see the long list of inactive ingredients often found in other herbal products and dietary supplements on the market. Comprehensive tests for heavy metals and microbes are conducted for each batch of finished products by independent laboratories in China and the USA, in accordance with the guidelines established by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. After all, it is our longstanding commitment to quality and safety that has built Guang Ci Tang®’s reputation as a leader in the industry.